The Top CBD Extraction Equipment

The Top CBD Extraction Equipment

The best cbd equipment must factor in cost, effectiveness, and the quality of the final product. There are multiple ways to conduct the cbd oil extraction process, and each method contains its own strengths and weaknesses for further consideration.

Here’s all you need to know about cbd extraction safety and cbd extraction equipment.

Safety First, Convenience Second

Although liking the final product is undoubtedly important, it’s essential to understand that safety plays a critical role in the extraction process. Some extraction methods are safer than others, as flammability risk varies.

For safety reasons, choose only the FDA-approved cbd extraction equipment to verify the machine’s safety for human use and consumption.

You’ll also want to consider how much you want to be involved in the actual extraction process. Manual and semi-automatic machines require human intervention, and automatic machines are self-reliant.

Common Extraction Methods

There are four extraction methods commonly used to gather cbd oil:

  • C02
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Ethanol
  • Water vapor

The C02 method applies C02 as a solvent to extract cbd from broken-down hemp. Although this method is not highly flammable, scalability is difficult, given temperature variations.

Hydrocarbon methods use gas substances that are pressure-liquified to extract components from hemp without dragging up chlorophyll. These methods are highly flammable and can only be conducted in C1D1 facilities.

Ethanol uses purified alcohol to extract cbd from hemp. Supercooled extractions are popular because the process is much faster and safer than hydrocarbon alternatives.

Water vapor methods rely on steam to gather cbd oil from hemp. Vapors are sealed in a tube, and the oil is distilled.

Extraction Equipment Choices

Now that you know the different methods available, consider your extraction equipment.

If you have a large company or widespread client base and need to maximize your output, know that water vapor methods are not your best bet because they are best used for small-scale purposes. For business objectives, you only want to look for industrial-scale machines created for bulk extraction and little to no human intervention.

For industrial-standard, affordable extraction equipment, consider:

  • OCO Labs’ SuperC for $4,000 (C02 extraction)
  • Source Turbo for $599 (ethanol extraction)
  • Ablaze Mini Closed Loop Extractor for $510 (hydrocarbon extraction)

The Bottom Line

As a business or manufacturer, you need to balance safety and convenience while maximizing your productivity. Consider these priorities and then choose from our top picks of the best cbd extraction machines to meet these demands affordably.