Tips To Consider When Cleaning a Glass Pipe

Tips To Consider When Cleaning a Glass Pipe

Cannabis is gaining fame for its medicinal and recreational use, and there are various methods to consume it, but most people prefer inhaling it. You will need a pipe for this, and it is imperative to know how to use and clean it.

If you are a first-timer, the following tips will help you maintain your glass pipe.

What You Need

You first gather all the necessary tools to clean the glass pipe thoroughly. The equipment most people use includes sealable paper, isopropyl, table salt, hot water, a drying towel, bottle brush, and any other helpful item depending on preferred cleaning methods.

However, remember to avoid using chemicals or caustic cleaners and ensure that your tools don’t easily break the pipe. Also, be careful to wash the parts gently, given the delicate nature of the glass.

Disassemble the Glass pipe

When you are sure that all your tools are ready, the next step is to take the pipe apart to make cleaning it inside and out easier. However, this does not apply to all pipes since some have joints while others are only single pieces.

You can only detach the removable parts if the design allows it but don’t pry the glass pipe open if it is a whole unremovable piece. Otherwise, you risk damaging it or getting hurt.

Use Natural Ingredients

Cleaning your smoking pipe should be simple and stress-free because the pipe is not complicated equipment. It is best to always use natural cleansing agents like isopropyl, vinegar, or salt and hot water to avoid any detrimental foreign substance.

Run hot water on the pipe to help weaken the resins, then quarter-fill the zip-lock with hot water and place the smoker inside. Next, add half a cup of isopropyl or vinegar to the bag and one or two tablespoons of salt.

Shake the solution to allow the alcohol or vinegar to act as an acidic substance to break down the resin as the salt becomes an abrasive to rub off the resin inside the glass pipe. Continue shaking the bag’s contents vigorously as you let it settle and sock.

After about fifteen minutes, you can remove the smoker and rinse it with fresh hot water. If there are still stain traces, you may have to redo the entire procedure and keep checking that you have eliminated all the dirt.


Glass pipes are ideal for smoking cannabis and need extra attention to keep them durable and ensure you get the cleanest and strongest hits. The resin build-up is a clear indication to clean the tube; always look for dirt build-up and use the above tips to ensure your pipe stays clean.