VAWOO Vape Shop – Vape Liquid

VAWOO Vape Shop – Vape Liquid

When you learn how an electronic cigarette works, you realize that liquid is an essential element of it. It usually consists of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings, sometimes nicotine and can be packaged in different formats.

Placed in the reservoir of your atomizer, it is heated by the vaporizer and then inhaled as vapor.

At the VAWOO store, we offer a wide selection of inexpensive vape liquids, high-quality liquids. We have a large selection of flavors, capacities, and nicotine levels. However, the store does not carry CBD products for sale.

Selection Features and Benefits

The liquid differs in taste and nicotine level. The standard composition includes several components: nicotine base, distilled water, vegetable glycerin, flavorings, and propylene glycol. In some cases, manufacturers may add other additives, such as coolants, sweeteners, stabilizers, and flavor enhancers.

In a specialized store you can buy e-cigarette liquid, which varies in strength:

  • Non nicotine – choose people who do not have a craving for nicotine, but also do not want to part with the process of smoking;
  • Very light – the dose of nicotine in these liquids is only 6-11 mg;
  • Light – this liquid has 12-15 mg nicotine, it usually choose vaporizers with experience;
  • Strong – the nicotine dose is about 18 mg;
  • Extremely strong – are the strongest vape liquid, the nicotine dose in them is 25 mg or more.

In contrast to tobacco smoke, vapor contains almost no harmful components. In the creation of refills using a variety of formulas, it is recommended to take them into account when choosing. When choosing a particular liquid, you should make sure that your model of e-cigarette is suitable for it. Personal preferences should also be taken into account.

Types of Liquids for Electronic Cigarettes

In the catalog of the store you will find liquids with different aromas and flavors:

  • fruity;
  • tobacco;
  • nutty;
  • beverage flavors.

The most popular among consumers are liquids with fruit and coffee flavors, as well as the classic tobacco flavor. Many liquids contain menthol, pay attention to this when choosing.